At Bridge Coffee Co, we love our SF-6.  We have affectionately named her Bridgette!  She is a wonderful lady that has taken excellent care of us.  When we were looking for a roaster of this size, we had several options available to us.  We chose the San Franciscan for the exceptional build quality, but also for the extraordinary customer service the entire organization has provided.  Not having a lot of experience with the different capabilities of what roaster manufacturers offered, we did not know how fantastic a machine we had purchased until we had really begun roasting on her.  Talking with other roaster owners and hearing the capabilities and complaints of their machines, they all described drawbacks they wished their machines did not have.  We have not experienced these drawbacks they have described.  We now have a couple of thousand batches roasted on our machine, and we love her more than ever before!  As we hope to expand, we can find no other machine we would rather roast an exquisite, exceptional, and/or expensive coffee on than our SF-6.  We would look at any future roasting equipment purchases as additions and not a replacement.

        - Tim Styczynski, Owner, Bridge Coffee Co.
We've had the privilege of working alongside Bill, Matt, Dimitre, and the entire team at the San Franciscan Roaster Co. for years now; we value their friendship, passion for coffee, and dedication to technical excellence.  You could say our SF-1 is the cornerstone of our business that specializes in quality control and sourcing for Ethiopian coffees.  While the roaster is beautifully crafted from excellent materials, it is also easy to maintain, flexible in batch size, and has a dynamic thermal response.  It is great as a training tool since it responds like a batch roaster.  I rely on the SF-1 with confidence for my highest-stakes cuppings when I need to control every variable.  Beautiful coffee is showcased by beautiful tools, and the SF-1 is that beautiful tool for Catalyst.  Once, I roasted a Good Food award-winning coffee on my SF-1 at 150% capacity (not recommended unless, of course, you keep your machine sparkling clean).  All these attributes aside, my personal favorite element of using the San Franciscan on a daily basis is the simple joy of roasting on it.

        - Michael McIntyre, Director of Quality, Catalyst Coffee Consulting
In the winter of 2013 I decided to make one of the largest purchases in my life to date, an SF-6. This would be the first major step in me realizing my dream of having a coffee roasting business. I chose to work with San Franciscan because of their reputation for great customer service and the ability for me to get parts quickly and easily.  The only roasting experience I'd had was on a small home Gene Cafe roaster and one 4 day roasting class in Mill Valley.  Bill was great from start to finish. He helped me with the basics of getting the roaster up and running and dialing in my first few profiles. We had a unique setup to start, the SF-6 was running off of propane out of a food truck. Today, we've grown and matured, and in the summer of 2017 we upgraded to an SF-25. Our vintage mint green 25, who we lovingly call Beulah, sits front and center in our Roasting Room in Bozeman.  I highly recommend San Franciscan. The roasters are built well, produce excellent coffees, are easy to use, maintain and fix and have been a huge asset to our company. Everyone at San Franciscan has been great to work with over the years!

        - Natalie Van Dusen, Co-owner, Treeline Coffee, Bozeman, MT
We love our roaster and what it brings out of each batch of coffee.  The San Franciscan Roaster Co. has a team of enthusiasts - fabricators, welders, and machinists who take their craft seriously and are artisans in their own right.  They are involved all the way through the process from fabrication to final assembly - so they understand the function of every single part they are making and how it all fits together.  They care about what they do and take time and care to do it properly.

        - Wade Preston, Owner, Prevail Coffee, 1st Place Winner of 2018 NOLA Brewers Cup Competition

The coffee that came out of that roaster the last couple days was the best I’ve ever tasted. 

        - Tom Calcagno, Roaster, Dunn Bros., Coralville, IA